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Blogging on LinkedIn: A Powerful Content Strategy

Blogging on LinkedIn: A Powerful Content Strategy
Last updated: January 2, 2024
Reading time: 7 minutes
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While traditionally known as a networking site for job seekers and recruiters, LinkedIn has evolved into a versatile platform for blogging. In fact, it stands as the top choice for professionals who want to articulate their thoughts and ideas through articles and blog posts. 

The best part is that LinkedIn encourages an active community where people engage in lively discussions and interactions. This allows professionals not only to share their thoughts but also to actively take part in conversations that influence their industry’s direction. 

That said, do you want to publish a blog article on LinkedIn and showcase it to a global audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for everything you want to know about blogging on LinkedIn

How to Start Blogging on LinkedIn

How to Start Blogging on LinkedIn

Blogging on LinkedIn is your opportunity to gain more visibility. Your knowledge and experiences are valuable, and there’s an audience waiting to benefit from what you have to say. Remember, the journey of a thousand posts begins with a single click.

So, how do I start blogging on LinkedIn?

First things first, your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction, so make it pop. 

  • Upload a professional, friendly photo. 
  • Write a captivating headline and professional summary that tells people who you are and what you do. 
  • Sprinkle in some keywords to make your profile more discoverable.

Second, know your LinkedIn audience

Imagine your ideal reader – their dreams, problems, and desires. Research and gain a deep understanding of your industry and niche. In addition, you should identify key trends, challenges, and topics of interest. This will help you tailor your content to resonate with your target audience.

Next, familiarize yourself with LinkedIn Articles, previously known as LinkedIn Pulse. It is your go-to podium for publishing your brilliant ideas. Head to your homepage, locate the “Write an article” button, and boom – you’re ready to roll. This is where your ideas will come to life, so make yourself at home.

It is also a great idea to find your focus before starting blogging. Think about what you want to write about. What’s your niche? What knowledge can you share that will benefit your audience? Are you a data science enthusiast, a marketing guru, or a finance wizard? Define your focus so your readers know what to expect.

If you’re new to LinkedIn blogging, we recommend you learn from the successful LinkedIn bloggers in your industry or niche. What makes their content stand out? How do they engage with their audience? Learn from them to improve your content writing skills, but always infuse your unique style and voice in your content.

Finally, familiarize yourself with copywriting and blogging guidelines.

LinkedIn posts should adhere to basic formatting guidelines to enhance readability and engagement. It is always good to begin with a clear structure comprising an introduction, body, and conclusion. Plus, use concise paragraphs and subheadings to organize content, and consider incorporating bullet points or numbered lists for key information. 

Visual bits like images, videos, and infographics should be relevant and optimized for the web. Maintain a consistent and readable font, proofread for errors, and aim for a polished presentation. 

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LinkedIn Blogging Tips

Ready to take your LinkedIn blogging to the next level? Make your mark on the platform with these impactful tips.

Slay With Irresistible Headlines

Your blog’s headline is your first impression, so make it count! A killer headline grabs attention and leaves readers hungry for more. Try to spice it up with a dash of curiosity, a sprinkle of urgency, and a hint of value. 

For instance, “Unveiling the Secrets to LinkedIn Stardom: Your Ultimate Guide” – as you would agree, that’s a head-turner of a headline.

Write Engaging Content

Your content should be like a thrilling roller coaster – full of twists, turns, and unexpected delights. Or it should be insightful, educational, and engaging. Try to weave a compelling narrative that keeps your readers glued. 

Break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces. Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and captivating visuals to make your content a breeze to read.

Looking for content ideas? Consider sharing your experiences, tips, and success stories through your blogs or articles. In doing so, imagine you’re sitting across from a colleague, having a coffee chat about your industry. This means you should keep it casual and conversational, so your readers can stick around.

Keep Your Blogs Short

Blogging on LinkedIn: Keep Your Blogs Short

Remember, people’s attention span is shorter than ever, so keep your posts concise. Aim for around 500 to 800 words. Your readers will thank you for getting to the point and providing value without overwhelming them.

Engage With Your Audience

Encourage your readers to comment, share their thoughts, and ask questions. At the same time, keep in mind that blogging isn’t a one-way street. When they do engage, be sure to respond promptly. This interaction builds a loyal readership and establishes your credibility.

Stay Consistent

As with any habit, consistency is the key to a successful LinkedIn blogging experience. Start by deciding on a posting schedule that works for you, then stick to it. Your audience will come to anticipate and look forward to your posts.

Leverage Visuals 

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, don’t hesitate to add eye-catching visuals to your posts. It could be an infographic, a relevant meme, or even a simple graph illustrating your point.

Promote Your Work

Blogging on LinkedIn: Promote Your Work

Don’t be shy about sharing your posts outside of LinkedIn. For example, it is a good idea to post links to your LinkedIn articles on your other social media platforms, in relevant groups, or even in your email signature. The more eyes on your content, the better.

Choose the Right LinkedIn Content Strategy

Choosing the right content strategy on LinkedIn can be a game-changer for your personal brand and professional growth. You can start the process by understanding your target audience inside out. Think about their pain points, aspirations, and the kind of information they’re hungry for. Then, simply tailor your content to address these needs directly.

For example, if you’re in the field of digital marketing, you can write posts that offer actionable tips to improve click-through rates. Alternatively, you can share success stories that resonate with fellow marketers.

Diversifying your content is another key aspect. 

Many successful LinkedIn bloggers mix up your posts with a variety of formats – from informative articles and thought-provoking opinion pieces to visually engaging infographics and short video snippets. Different people consume content in different ways, so catering to various preferences ensures you reach a broader audience. 

For instance, a series of quick video tips on optimizing LinkedIn profiles might catch the eye of busy professionals, while a comprehensive written guide could attract those seeking in-depth knowledge.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of storytelling. 

Weaving personal anecdotes, experiences, and even failures into your content humanizes your brand and establishes a genuine connection with your readers. Sharing how you overcame a professional hurdle or the “aha” moment that transformed your approach can add depth and relatability to your posts. 

Remember, authenticity resonates, and your unique journey can offer insights that traditional content might miss. So, dive into your past, draw lessons, and incorporate them into your LinkedIn content strategy – you’ll be amazed at the engagement it generates.

What Is the Difference Between a Blog and an Article on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn blogs and articles are both forms of written content, but they have distinct characteristics and purposes.

What Is the Difference Between a Blog and an Article on LinkedIn?

Here are the key differences between a blog and an article:

Purpose and Tone

  • Blog: Blogs tend to be shorter, ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand words. They are meant to be concise and quickly consumable.
  • Article: An article is generally more formal and structured. It provides objective information, analysis, or news on a specific topic. Articles often follow a journalistic or research-based approach and are focused on delivering accurate and well-researched content.


  • Blog: Blogs tend to be shorter in length, ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand words. They are meant to be concise and quickly consumable.
  • Article: Articles can vary widely in length, depending on the topic and context. They can be shorter, like blogs, or longer, spanning several thousand words.


  • Blog: Blogs may have a more relaxed structure, with shorter paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points. They often prioritize scannability and readability.
  • Article: Articles typically have a more formal and organized structure. They may include sections such as an introduction, body, and conclusion, often adhering to a specific writing style.
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Blogging on LinkedIn vs. WordPress

LinkedIn offers a built-in audience eager to devour your content. There’s no need to worry about attracting readers – they’re already there, scrolling through their feeds. What’s more, your articles get that coveted boost from LinkedIn’s algorithm, reaching a wider circle.

WordPress, while versatile, requires you to work harder to build and engage your audience. You’ll need to master SEO, plugins, and promotion to make your mark. So, if you’re aiming for quick visibility and interaction, LinkedIn is your wingman.


There you have it, trailblazer, everything you wanted to know about LinkedIn blogging. Remember, blogging on LinkedIn is all about understanding your audience, crafting compelling content, and leveraging LinkedIn’s platform to amplify your voice.

So, go ahead, let your ideas flow, and watch your influence skyrocket. Whether you’re sharing groundbreaking insights, heartwarming success stories, or quick snippets of wisdom, LinkedIn is your stage, and the world is your audience.

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