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and earn up to 35% recurring commission on affiliate sales

Join the Dripify Affiliate Program

Affiliate Terms & Conditions


Become a Dripify affiliate, help us spread the word about the software using your affiliate link, and earn up to 35% commission on a recurring basis

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Getting Started is So Easy


Fill out a quick form

Help us learn more about you prior to starting our affiliate cooperation by submitting a registration form



Get onboarding details

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with onboarding materials from us along with the link to access your affiliate control panel


Log into your affiliate platform

It’s time to enter your affiliate management platform and access your affiliate link, training materials, and choice of marketing materials including banners, coupon codes, and text links


Start promoting 

Use a combination of channels to promote Dripify including email newsletters, personalized outreach on LinkedIn, social media,  Pay-per-click ads, you name it!


Get commission from each sale

Receive up to 35% commission directly to your PayPal / bank account on a monthly basis.

Reasons to Become a Dripify Affiliate

Top-Rated Software

Top-Rated Software

Become a part of our exciting journey with Dripify, which is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and effective LinkedIn automation platforms on the market

Free Access to Affiliate Platform

Free Access to Affiliate Platform

As our ambassador, you get free access to your affiliate control panel along with a variety of marketing materials including affiliate links, banners, coupon codes, and more!

Attractive Commision Structure

Attractive Commision Structure

Receive up to 35% commission from each sale and build a passive revenue stream that generates income on a recurring basis for you

Free Training

Free Training

New to affiliate marketing? We got that covered! Find a huge number of training materials and articles inside your affiliate control panel, crafted to help you learn more about affiliate marketing, study new strategies, and improve your results

90-Day Cookie Duration

90-Day Cookie Duration

We provide a 90-day cookie duration to make sure you get credit for all customers you referred to Dripify. In other words, If a user referred by you visits our website, leaves it without taking any action, and then comes back to subscribe within 3 months, you still get a commission

Pre-Designed Promo Materials

Pre-Designed Promo Materials

Our marketing team has designed a solid number of promotional materials including static banners, text links, and coupon codes to let you get the maximum benefit from our affiliate cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to become an affiliate?

The very first step is to apply for our affiliate program and wait for your application to get approved. Once approved, you’ll receive a welcome email from our affiliate manager with your login credentials to enter the affiliate management platform.

How do you track sales? How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

Our affiliate program is powered by Post Affiliate Pro, one of the most widely-used affiliate marketing platforms in the world. This software uses a complex algorithm to automatically detect sales and utilizes a combination of cookie and IP address solutions for tracking. Therefore, all payments made by your referrals will be automatically credited to your account and issued in regular payouts to your preferred payment method.

 Self-referrals, specifically the referrals of your personal LinkedIn accounts, LinkedIn accounts of your team members, and accounts managed by you on behalf of your clients, are strictly prohibited. Any misuse or violation of affiliate terms will get your account terminated.

When do you submit payouts?

Payments are submitted in USD once a month (always on 15th) to your PayPal or bank account. Please note that the minimum payout value is 100 USD.

What channels can I use to promote Dripify?

We always suggest using more than 1 channel while promoting Dripify. Find several options that might work well for you and go from there. Most of our affiliates create email newsletters, do LinkedIn outreach, record YouTube demonstrations, use PPC ads on social media, write blog posts, share reviews on forums like Quora and Reddit or social media groups.

What is the affiliate link?

An affiliate link is your custom affiliate URL, which you’ll need to share with prospects and it will forward them to the Dripify website. You’ll get it once you submit an application and log into your affiliate control panel.

Can I promote Dripify via PPC ads?

Absolutely! Pay-per-click marketing is a great way to boost traffic and you should definitely consider trying out this advertising model. Just note that the use of PPC bidding brand names (Dripify) is strictly prohibited. Learn more

Do you provide any training materials?

Yes, once you log into your control panel, you’ll be able to access lots of training information including video tutorials, useful tips, guidelines, strategies, and advanced techniques used by other affiliates.

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