Frequently Asked Questions

About Dripify

How can I install the software?

Dripify is a web application that operates in a cloud and does not require downloading files or adding chrome extensions. Feel free to sign up your account with us and you’ll be forwarded to your control panel.

Is Dripify compatible with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite?

Dripify is 100% compatible with Free LinkedIn, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite accounts.

Is it required to have a paid account on LinkedIn to use Dripify?

Even though it’s highly recommended to have a Sales Navigator, you can use Dripify with a free LinkedIn account as well.

Do I need to keep my browser open for Dripify to work?

No, you don’t and that’s one of the biggest advantages of using Dripify. The software works in the background and performs actions on your behalf from your local IP address simulating your human behavior on LinkedIn. Therefore, once you create and launch a campaign in Dripify, you can close your browser, turn your PC off and the software will still work for you.

How can I manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with Dripify?

Dripify works perfectly well for agency owners and companies that utilize multiple LinkedIn accounts since it allows to switch from one account to another with a few clicks.

Can I work and browse on LinkedIn while Dripify is up and running?

Absolutely. Just make sure you do not send too many connection requests and messages while Dripify campaigns are running at full capacity.


How can I build sales funnels on LinkedIn with Dripify?

With Dripify, you can build a sales funnel on LinkedIn by creating a sequence of automated LinkedIn actions including auto-connect, auto-message, auto-view profile, auto-endorse skills, auto-follow and auto-like, setting delays between actions, choosing conditions, and launching a campaign. Watch this video tutorial to see how it works in practice.

What's the difference between Dripify and tools like Linked Helper or Dux Soup?

Dripify is a new LinkedIn prospecting tool with powerful features, great analytics capabilities and advanced safety measures implemented for 100% secure LinkedIn journey. For more details, feel free to access our detailed comparison report here.

How can I see conversion rates of my LinkedIn lead generation campaigns?

The software grants access to your advanced analytics page that shows your daily usage stats, recent account activity, and detailed report on your campaign performance. In addition, you can watch the stats of your team members and evaluate the performance of their campaigns. Feel free to learn more about the analytics feature of Dripify.

How can I make sure messages that I send do not look automated?

You can use 20+ variables including “first name”, “last name”, “company”, “position”, “location”, “number of connections”, “top skill”, “company location” and more to make your message or connection request note personalized.

Can I make sure Dripify won’t send the same message to the same person twice?

You should not worry about that while using Dripify.  The software is designed to skip a user once it detects the above-mentioned scenario, thus prevents from sending duplicate messages.

How can I avoid reaching out to certain LinkedIn users in Dripify?

With Dripify, you can blacklist specific LinkedIn users to make sure they won’t be processed by the software.

There are 5 of us in the team. Can I add them to my account in Dripify?

Absolutely! Another amazing feature of Dripify is the ability to onboard team members, assign roles, and reach LinkedIn prospecting goals together. As a team owner, you’ll be able to watch the stats of your team members, control their work, and evaluate the efficiency of each colleague separately. Learn more about team management here.

Can I integrate Dripify with other tools we’re using like Hubspot CRM or Asana?

Yes, you can easily do that with Dripify, since the software can be integrated with 1000+ apps through Zapier.


How many connection requests and messages can I send with Dripify?

The safety of your LinkedIn account has always been our top priority, therefore processing limits have been hard-coded into the software. You cannot send more than 75 connection requests per DAY with Dripify. However, if you would like to send even more invitations, you use our “invite by email” feature (learn more HERE) and send 75 connection requests / day additionally (100% safe!).

As for the messages, the limit is 150 messages per day.

Is it safe to use Dripify?

Dripify is one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools available on the market due to the number of safety measures implemented. Learn more about these safety features here.

I am interested in “Activity Control”. Please share details about this feature?

Activity control is our advanced safety feature that keeps track of your LinkedIn performance and makes sure your LinkedIn account won’t get flagged by the LinkedIn monitoring system. It’s a complex algorithm that takes into account multiple factors including your previous activity on LinkedIn and the number of connections you have and ensures the gradual growth of your LinkedIn performance & overall safe usage by adjusting your daily connecting and messaging limits. 


I would like to be your brand ambassador. Do you have a partner program?

Great! Please submit an application using the following link or shoot an email to [email protected]

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