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Dripify Compatibility with LinkedIn Accounts

Dripify Compatibility with LinkedIn Accounts
Last updated: March 26, 2024
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Are you curious whether you need a Premium LinkedIn account to make the most of Dripify? Well, here’s the scoop: you don’t need one at all. Dripify works with all LinkedIn accounts – free, Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite.

However, there are many benefits that come with Premium LinkedIn accounts, such as:

  • Viewing more profile visits;
  • Access to more advanced search filters (exclusive to Sales Navigator);
  • InMail credits (depending on the type of Premium account you sign up for);
  • Improved metrics (exclusive to Sales Navigator), and much more.

Now, for small businesses, investing in a Premium LinkedIn account might seem like a hefty commitment. However, it can turn out to be your primary source for generating leads. 

We’ll look at the various LinkedIn accounts that go with Dripify – one of the best LinkedIn automation tools available.

Free LinkedIn with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

For users currently using a free LinkedIn account, the good news is that Dripify seamlessly integrates with it. This means you can leverage Dripify’s features for automating messages, lead generation activities, and connection requests without the need for a premium account. 

With a standard LinkedIn account, you can automate a range of actions within the limits set by LinkedIn, including:

  • 75 connection requests per day;
  • 100 messages per day;
  • 200 profile views per day;
  • 50 endorsements per day;
  • 50 likes per day;
  • 50 followings per day.

The best part? You can transfer up to 1000 leads from one LinkedIn search on a LinkedIn Basic account.

Remember, you can tweak the LinkedIn limits. However, using a standard account raises the risk of facing restrictions. This is why it is a good idea to stick to LinkedIn’s set limits to avoid problems.

Unfortunately, you can’t send InMails with a free LinkedIn account.

Even if you have LinkedIn Premium, the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool won’t let you send InMails. It only sends messages to your 1st-degree connections.

LinkedIn Premium Career with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

Upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium Career account unlocks additional benefits. For instance, it improves your outreach efforts by increasing the limits placed on connection requests, messages, profile visits, and endorsements on a daily basis. 

Here’s what exactly you get with a LinkedIn Premium Career account:

  • Send 75 connection requests daily;
  • Send 150 messages daily;
  • Make 400 profile visits per day;
  • Make 100 endorsements per day;
  • Make 100 likes per day;
  • Make 100 followings per day;
  • Make 25 InMails per day.

It is always good to use Dripify to automate the above activities to save time and achieve results. This combination empowers you to expand your professional network and strengthen your connections within your industry more effectively.

Outreach Automation on LinkedIn with Dripify

LinkedIn Premium Business with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

For businesses looking to optimize their LinkedIn outreach, upgrading to LinkedIn Business Premium and pairing it with Dripify can yield impressive results. Dripify lets you take advantage of a higher daily allowance of profile visits without coming across commercial use limitations. 

It is important to note that a LinkedIn Business account also lets you save your searches. What does this mean for you? Well, it means you can quickly start a search and use Dripify to visit many profiles in minutes.

Here’s what you get with a LinkedIn Premium Business account:

  • 75 connection requests per day;
  • 150 messages daily;
  • 25 InMails per day;
  • 400 profile views per day;
  • 100 endorsements per day;
  • 100 likes per day;
  • 100 followings per day.

And since Dripify is compatible with the LinkedIn Business account, you can use it to automate the tasks listed above. This way, you can boost your outreach efforts and save time. 

One of the best things about having a business account on LinkedIn is that it lets you transfer up to 1,000 leads from one LinkedIn search. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

The synergy between Sales Navigator Professional and Dripify is a game-changer for sales professionals

Using this combo means you can leverage advanced filters and personalized connection requests. It also means you can find and target your ideal audience effectively and automate your outreach efforts. 

With Sales Navigator, you get access to the following daily benefits: 

  • 75 connection requests;
  • 150 messages;
  • 25 InMails;
  • 400 profile views;
  • 100 endorsements;
  • 100 followings.

Also, Sales Navigator allows you to transfer up to 2500 leads from its search (Sales Navigator’s advanced filters), further amplifying your lead generation capabilities.

With the Dripify sales automation tool, you can automate your connection requests, messages, profile visits, endorsements, and much more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

Integrating Dripify with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise is a perfect option for larger teams and businesses looking for growth and scalability. Sales Navigator Enterprise gives you access to exclusive features, and you can use Dripify to automate a variety of your activities on the B2B sales platform.

In addition to the features available in Sales Navigator Professional, the Enterprise account comes with benefits, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), employee data integration, Smart Links, Team Links, and much more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team with Dripify

Compatibility: Not Supported

Dripify does not currently support the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team plan. But the good news is that your team members can still leverage Dripify with their individual Sales Navigator accounts to enhance their LinkedIn outreach and lead generation efforts.

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LinkedIn Recruiter Lite with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

Recruiters and B2B sales professionals can use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite with Dripify to achieve their goals. With Dripify, you can automate connection requests, messaging, profile visits, and endorsements seamlessly, maximizing your efficiency and productivity on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite also allows you to transfer up to 1,000 leads from one LinkedIn search, further augmenting your lead generation capabilities.

LinkedIn Recruiter with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

LinkedIn Recruiter provides a wide array of features tailored for recruiters and B2B professionals. When integrated with Dripify, it enables you to optimize and streamline your outreach efforts on LinkedIn.

With a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you can:

  • Send 75 connection requests per day;
  • Send 150 messages per day;
  • Send 25 InMails per day;
  • Make 400 profile visits daily;
  • Leave 100 endorsements per day;
  • Leave 100 likes per day;
  • Follow 100 profiles per day.

You want to automate connection requests, messaging, profile visits, and much more to save time and effort. That’s why recruiters need to use Dripify with a Recruiter account on LinkedIn. This powerful combination enables you to search for potential leads, send tailored messages, and manage your outreach efforts with ease.

LinkedIn Learning with Dripify

Compatibility: Yes

While LinkedIn Learning is a distinct service that focuses on professional development and online courses, it can still be integrated with Dripify. This integration allows you to maximize your professional growth while leveraging Dripify’s automation capabilities.

Similar to other premium accounts, Dripify allows you to automate various LinkedIn Learning features within the platform’s specified limits. These include 75 connection requests, 150 messages, 400 profile views, 100 likes, 100 followings, and 100 endorsements per day.

Important Note: All Premium LinkedIn accounts can be used to send InMails to the open LinkedIn profiles with a typical daily limit of 25 InMails. The exact number of InMail credits depends on the LinkedIn account type: Premium Career – 5 credits, Premium Business – 15 credits, Sales Navigator – 50 credits, Recruiter Lite – 30 credits.

Outreach Automation on LinkedIn with Dripify

Get Started with Dripify

While Dripify is compatible with all LinkedIn account types (except the Sales Navigator Team), upgrading to a Premium account can significantly enhance your LinkedIn outreach and lead generation efforts. 

Whether you’re a sales professional, job seeker, recruiter, or marketer, get started with Dripify today to get access to advanced features and capabilities that can supercharge your LinkedIn outreach. From sending personalized connection requests to automating messaging and profile visits, Dripify empowers you to expand your professional network, generate leads, and achieve your goals on LinkedIn.

Try a free trial now, or visit Dripify help center page to find more information about compatibility of Dripify with LinkedIn accounts.

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