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LinkedIn Call to Action for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Call to Action for Lead Generation
Last updated: May 3, 2023
Reading time: 6 minutes
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LinkedIn has always been at the forefront of introducing new and exciting features to help businesses make the best use of social media. In addition to associated page hashtags, ad transparency tools, and enhanced video metrics, a call-to-action button is a valuable feature of any LinkedIn page. 

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A compelling call to action makes a key ingredient in marketing campaigns. It comes in handy when you want the active involvement of your customers, followers, and audience rather than keeping a one-way communication. Besides, it is a great way to inspire them to get more invested in your organization. 

The outcome? Turning visitors into leads and gaining the loyalty of existing customers! 

With that said, are CTAs on LinkedIn any different?

Read on to know what role call-to-actions play on LinkedIn and how you can use them to your advantage.

What is a CTA on LinkedIn?

In June 2019, LinkedIn announced that users can now add a CTA button to their LinkedIn pages. This feature was introduced to enhance the engagement levels on the platform. With this, LinkedIn users can directly interact with the brands instead of merely scrolling through their pages. 

A LinkedIn page offers 5 types of CTAs:

With the help of a CTA, your followers and visitors can take a range of actions on your LinkedIn pages. This way, you get an excellent opportunity to turn your page visitors into potential leads. 

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Importance of a Good Call to Action

A clear call to action acts as a signpost on a webpage; It guides the reader on what to do next. A CTA prompts an immediate response from your target audience by triggering urgency.  

Call-to-actions surrounded by more negative space and less clutter can increase a company’s conversion rate by up to 232%.

The easier it is to take the next step, the more responses you’ll receive. A good CTA removes the friction in moving a prospect down the sales funnel. This means you pave their way through a visually-striking button instead of keeping your audience guessing.  

Without a CTA, the readers might feel lost and leave without purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter. 

Types of Calls to Action in LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a bunch of call-to-actions, but they essentially fall into the following four categories:

Sentence CTA

Sentence CTA

Using a simple sentence, you direct readers to what to do next. This type of call to action encourages action by highlighting the benefit of doing the action. For instance, “sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.” 

Question CTA

People love to get attention and have their opinions heard. You can leverage this by including a ‘question’ call to action in your posts. A basic “what are your thoughts?” could go a long way toward engaging audiences and igniting discussion. 

Poll CTA

The built-in polling functionality allows you to crowdsource data and analyze audiences’ opinions on a particular subject matter. Knowing what people want helps you devise your LinkedIn strategy and create personalized content for them. 

CTA Within an Image

CTA Within an Image

If you want to boost your page to a large audience in a short time, a CTA-embedded image comes in handy. However, this is only possible with LinkedIn promoted posts. One great benefit of this type of CTA is the extra visibility. A CTA in an image makes it prominent and easier for audiences to follow. 

Benefits of Having a Good CTA on LinkedIn

Why is it essential to have a good CTA on your LinkedIn page? Here are the reasons that make CTAs on LinkedIn worth it. 

Drive your audience down the sales funnel – Adding an on-point CTA means capitalizing on the piqued interest of your audiences and encouraging them to act upon it. A good CTA serves as a stepping stone in your prospects’ journey to becoming your leads or customers. 

Simplify the user journey – With an ever-decreasing attention span of internet users and plenty of competing brands, people look for an effortless user experience. A clear call to action on LinkedIn would help people make a move instead of moving on. 

Give you analytical insight – The analytics dashboard with CTAs allows you to analyze the clickthrough rates. This way, you could deep-dive and see what’s working for your target audience and what isn’t. 

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How to Write a Good LinkedIn Call to Action

Crafting a promising CTA involves quite a bit of persuasive techniques. While composing your CTA, keep it around the following points.

Keep it clear and concise – Get your message across simply and easily. The only way to do that is by keeping your CTA clear, short and direct.  

Include a verb – Having a verb in your CTA stresses the “action” part. For instance, click, subscribe, read, call, and more.

Arouse a strong emotion – Apart from choosing captivating words, add an exclamation mark to evoke enthusiasm in the audience. Using a good call to action phrase on LinkedIn, such as Get it before it’s gone!, would trigger FOMO and create a sense of urgency.

Give solid reasons – Communicate what benefits they would get by clicking the CTA. Are you catering to the pain points of the audience? If so, highlight them, including the solutions you’re providing.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Call to Action

Best Call to Action Phrases for Prospecting

What does a compelling CTA look like? Here are some of the best call to action phrases on LinkedIn:

  • Start your free trial today!
  • Have a question? Get in touch.
  • Do you want to double your sales? Yes / No
  • Buy now and get 50% off! 
  • Use your discount before it’s gone!
  • Get your custom plan!
  • Join our exclusive newsletter!
  • Sign up to get your free sample!
  • Reserve a spot at our webinar!
  • Join us at the event!

While these make some good CTA phrases, writing one for yourself depends on your business type and objective. But, there’s no limit on how creatively you spark a reader’s curiosity and leave them wanting more. 

How to Add a Call-to-Action Button on LinkedIn?

You get a “Follow” button from your LinkedIn page by default. Follow these simple steps to replace it with a custom CTA button.

How to Add a Call-to-Action Button on LinkedIn step 1
  • Click on View as admin, which you will find on the top right corner of your screen 
  • On the new window, select Edit Page. 
How to Add a Call-to-Action Button on LinkedIn step 2
  • From the list of tabs showing on the left-hand side, select Buttons and then switch on the Custom button.
  • Click on the Button name dropdown and select your choice of CTA.
  • Past the link to the landing page in the field provided under URL
  • From the top ribbon, click Save.
  • Click on View as Member to check if the changes have been made successfully.
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Best Ways to Use Calls to Action on LinkedIn

The idea is to foresee what your target audience might want to see and design their LinkedIn journey accordingly. But, this goes hand-in-hand with what you want to achieve from the audience. For instance, as a salesperson, do you want people to contact you directly? Or do you want them to fill out a form to get support? 

Apart from writing your CTA according to your main objective, it is essential to gauge its performance. On an organic post, say, your call to action pertains to visiting your company’s website. In this case, you’d be able to monitor traffic through google analytics. However, to check how your paid LinkedIn posts perform, you could use a built-in Campaign Manager and analyze associated metrics.

Not to mention, LinkedIn native functionality can help you add CTAs in various ways. By simply selecting “create post,” you can embed an image or video, share a document, offer help, create a poll, and more. 


Granted that call-to-actions are an integral part of the lead generation process on LinkedIn. But, having a great CTA with subpar content creates friction in converting prospects into leads.

By crafting top-notch content, using LinkedIn profile tips, and writing a killer CTA, you’d be able to take your lead count to a whole new level. 

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