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How to Reach Out to Recruiter on LinkedIn [+6 Examples]

How to Reach Out to Recruiter on LinkedIn [+6 Examples]
Last updated: May 13, 2024
Reading time: 8 minutes
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Reaching out to a recruiter on LinkedIn can be a strategic move to enhance your professional connections. LinkedIn has multiple features that help job seekers connect with recruiters or vice versa, businesses connect with partners, professionals, and companies.

How to Message a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Following are the practical ways to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn:

Research the Recruiter

Before reaching out, take some time to research the recruiter’s background, the industries they specialize in, and the companies they work with. This information can be valuable in tailoring your message.

Add a Short Message with a Connection Request

  • Include a personalized message with your connection request. It will give you higher acceptance chances as you connect with recruiters on LinkedIn.
  • Include a simple introductory message.
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Keep your message concise and to the point. Recruiters often receive numerous connection requests, so making your message easy to read and understand increases the likelihood of a positive response.

Send Follow-Up Messages to Recruiters

  • Send a Thank You message once they accept your connection request.
  • Mention your interests in the industry and how you can benefit the company if they hire you.
  • Include short and on-point messages to convince the recipient to respond.
  • Attach your resume with the follow-up message.
  • You can send recruiters and hiring managers LinkedIn messages even if they are not hiring candidates at that moment.
  • Recruiters often ask candidates to fill out the online job application form. You must stay a step ahead when discussing the role.

Send the Recruiter Your Resume

Once the hiring managers accept your connection request, start a more direct connection through LinkedIn message or email. You can easily find recruiters’ email addresses under contact info on their profiles. However, send them a LinkedIn message if you do not see it there.

Send them messages describing your qualification, experience, and the position you are currently looking for in a concise message. Moreover, add your resume with the message. You can also connect through the phone.

Follow-up and Establish Meaningful Relationship

If you share any commonalities, such as belonging to the same LinkedIn groups, having attended the same events, or having mutual connections, mention these in your message. It helps create a sense of familiarity. Therefore, you must send follow-up messages to keep in touch.

Clearly communicate your interest in potential career opportunities and express your enthusiasm for the industry or specific roles. This demonstrates to the recruiter that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested. Once you establish a meaningful relationship, the recruiter will reach out to you with job opportunities.

Remember, building professional relationships takes time. Be patient and approach each interaction with a focus on adding value to the connection. Do not spam their inbox with emails and messages asking them about new openings. Just drop a message occasionally to keep the contact alive.

Is there a Character Limit on LinkedIn Messages?

Users must follow the character limit on InMail messages which is:

  • 200 characters in the subject line;
  • approximately 2000 characters in the body;

It may seem that the body of the message has enough characters to send a meaningful text. However, when writing messages, these character limits fill quickly, leaving you with less space for words. Therefore, framing your message concisely to deliver all the information is crucial.

What Should Your LinkedIn Message Title be?

When writing LinkedIn messages, make sure to add a catchy subject line. Statistics reveal that InMail senders receive 18-25% responses compared to emails due to eye-catching but professional subject lines. Think of a subject line that would convince you to open a message.

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How to Reach Out to Recruiter on LinkedIn [Message Examples]

Many people still fail to send meaningful messages when connecting with recruiters. However, they understand the significance of sending a concise message but forget to write their content in a manner that would convince them to respond.

Here are six LinkedIn message examples to help you write a compelling message to a recruiter:

Example 1: Messaging a Recruiter on LinkedIn about a Posted Position

Hi (name of the recipient), thank you for connecting. Do you have time to discuss how my experience would be the right match for your company? I have already applied through your company’s career page. Please find the attachment. I hope to hear from you soon.





Example 2: Messaging for an Internship

Dear (Name of the recipient), I am currently majoring in _______________________ at the University of  __________________. I want to put my skills to the test and gain experience in a professional environment. Are you currently offering any openings for internships? Or do you plan to hire students during summer?

I have been following (company’s name) on LinkedIn for a long time. Your work on (project name) is commendable. I am attaching my resume for your review. Hoping to hear from you soon.





Example 3: Messaging an Independent Recruiter

Hello __________________, I am ______________. I am a (title) at (company name). I am looking for newer opportunities to explore my skill set in (business sector). Please look at my attached resume and (URL) LinkedIn profile to see if my experience would benefit the company. Can we connect by phone to discuss further on this? I am waiting for your response.

Kind regards,




Example 4: Messaging Without any Opening Posted

Dear ________, thank you for accepting the connection request. I am (title) with (X) years of experience in (company name). I have heard a lot about (recipient’s company name). I would like to know if there are any current job openings in your department. I would be obliged if we could connect through email or phone to discuss how my experience would benefit your company.

Looking forward to your response.





Example 5: Messaging Because of an Older Posting

Hi (name of the receiver), I am ______________, interested in the __________ position that your company posted a few days ago. I noticed that I am a bit late to apply for the position. Is the position still available? I have attached my resume if you are still looking for potential candidates to fill the position.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.





Example 6: Messaging for New Opportunities

Hi (name of the receiver), I noticed you are the hiring manager in the _______________sector. I would like to connect to discuss working with you. I am a (title) with (X) years of experience in the (field) and looking for newer opportunities. Please drop in a message if you have any vacancies. Hoping to hear from you soon.





What to DO when Messaging Recruiters on LinkedIn?

When messaging recruiters, remember the following:

Maintain the Tone

When sending a message to a recruiter, ensure you maintain a professional tone irrespective of the tools you use to connect with them. Many users use a casual manner when texting their friends and family, which is fine. However, when messaging hiring managers or recruiters, it is crucial to demonstrate a professional tone to maintain formality.

Keep it Error-free

Once a recruiter has established that they prefer to communicate through text, it’s time to consider your language and phrasing. Make sure your text message is correct in every detail and carefully written.

When messaging recruiters or hiring managers, it is crucial to maintain your tone, language, and phrasing. Your content should have the correct details and be carefully written to communicate the message effectively.

Also, be careful with the following:

  • spelling out words;
  • do not use acronyms or abbreviations;
  • do not use emojis or emoticons in your messages;
  • if you add a signature with your messages, make sure it is appropriate for professional use;
  • recheck grammatical errors, punctuation, and auto-correct errors to avoid embarrassment.
message to a recruiter on linkedin

What NOT to Do when Messaging Recruiters on LinkedIn?

When sending recruiters LinkedIn messages, do not:

  • Write generic messages. Be specific to grab the recipient’s attention;
  • Send concise messages;
  • Sound rude, harsh, or demanding;
  • Ask the recruiter to find a job for you;
  • Ask the recruiter to visit your profile to check if it is appropriate to attach with job applications;
  • Send long text where you talk about yourself only;
  • Send the same message to multiple recruiters.
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Strategies for Reaching Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

There are numerous ways to send recruiters effective messages. However, if you still do not know how to connect with them, follow the strategies mentioned below to build meaningful relationships with recruiters.

Send a Personalized Message with the Connection Request

Add a short-personalized message where you introduce yourself with the connection request — adding a concise introduction when connecting creates higher chances of acceptance and replies. Moreover, when the recruiters accept your connection request and send follow-up messages/ Thank You messages where you tell them that you are obliged, they connect with you. These messages help you connect with them and create a stronger relationship that will benefit you in future job opportunities.

Be Specific

Recruiters manage multiple listings for agencies. Therefore, they do not have extended hours to read long messages. When messaging recruiters, it is crucial to add relevant information that states only the purpose of the message and no other irrelevant message. Writing specific messages increases the chances of receiving responses and ensures a targeted and productive exchange. 


When you message recruiters or hiring managers, it is essential to maintain a courtesy tone. Remember that recruiters receive multiple messages a day, and sending a rude message and expecting them to help you with the job opportunities is only a waste of time and energy. Therefore, it is crucial to use courtesy words to convince them to respond and help you in the best manner.

Keep it Simple

Recruiters are often caught up with work and engage with potential candidates in a straightforward, concise way. Therefore, when you message hiring managers or recruiters, it is essential to keep the text simple.

Avoid using extensive details about yourself and your work history. Recruiters receive numerous messages daily and do not have time to read long ones. That is why you must send them concise and straightforward messages that serve the purpose and convey your message to them without including a long list of requests or questions. The ideal message contains yes or no questions that are easy to respond to promptly.

How to Respond to Recruiters on LinkedIn

Many LinkedIn users are unaware of the right way to respond to recruiters’ messages. Therefore, to help you, we discuss ways to reply to their texts on LinkedIn.

reach out to a recruiter on linkedin

What to Say to a Recruiter on LinkedIn when Interested in an Opportunity?

Before you respond, give the message a thought. Do not hit the send button quickly. Check if the interest in the role and company is straightforward. You must remember that your InMail and email replies are polite and help the recruiter recall your qualification for further discussion.

Replying to a Recruiter when Unsure

You may be unsure how to respond to the new opportunities. This could be because you are happy with your current job and not looking for a switch. Further, you might like the company approaching you but do not find the offered position appealing. No matter what the reason is, always craft your message with kind words. 

Replying to a Recruiter when Not Interested

If you do not find the job offer interesting, reply politely to the recruiters. Although the current role is not suitable for you, there is a possibility in the future. Therefore, when writing a reply, you must consider all the factors that could lead you to a better opportunity in the future.

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Contacting recruiters on LinkedIn may seem scary. However, if you know how to connect with them, there is nothing to worry about. When replying to their messages, maintain a professional tone with courtesy words. Doing this may help you build a better relationship with them, and you might even have better job opportunities.

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Job seekers wonder if it is okay to message recruiters on LinkedIn after applying for a position. Well, there is no harm in contacting them.

When contacting them after the interview, explain the purpose of the message. Be specific when mentioning the job opportunity and include your job title and interview date. Show your interest in the position and ask them about updates.

Contact a recruiter only after completing your research and updating your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Although it may seem weird, contacting recruiters is socially acceptable. So, go ahead and drop a message.

You can start by thanking them for reaching out to you. Then continue your message by telling them you are interested in the job and would like to work for the company.

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