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How to Add Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

How to Add Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn
Last updated: April 19, 2023
Reading time: 7 minutes
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Volunteer work is essential for many different reasons, and when it comes to LinkedIn, it plays a crucial role in growing your network and tapping into career and business opportunities. It is a good idea to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn as it establishes your personal brand, helps grow your career, and boosts your social capital. 

As per the results of a LinkedIn survey, 41% of managers and employers said they would hire someone based on their volunteer experience. While work experience is vital, adding volunteer experience to LinkedIn is equally vital in your job search or lead generation efforts

When you mention your volunteer work on the platform, it highlights your personal values, causes you care about, leadership skills, and initiative to instigate change. 

Compassion, empathy, motivation, honesty, teamwork abilities, and communication skills are just some of the elements that volunteer experience can contribute to your LinkedIn profile. 

Why Add Volunteer Work to Your LinkedIn Profile?

Adding volunteer experience on LinkedIn is an excellent way to start a conversation with anyone who visits your profile. On top of that, volunteering is a great way to support communities and get your business out in front of potential collaborators. 

When you put out your volunteering experience on LinkedIn, it gives others a deeper insight into your interests, especially if they are relevant to your work area or your profession. Doing so can also help your LinkedIn profile shine, especially if you are just starting your professional career or switching a job.

Add Volunteer Work on LinkedIn [Steps]

Add Volunteer Work On LinkedIn

Here’s how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn in a few easy steps:

Open Your LinkedIn Profile

If your profile already has the Volunteer section added, click on the pencil icon, which will take you to a tab that says Edit More. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to add each of your volunteer experiences to your profile.

In case you don’t already have the volunteer section added to your LinkedIn profile, simply click the View More link below the Contact Information section at the top of your profile. This will allow you to visualize a complete list of sections to add. 

Click on the Add Volunteer Experience tab, which will open the section on your profile. 

Enter the Organization’s Details

Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn: Enter The Organizations Details

In the Organization field, type the organization’s name and then click on Role. Add your role or nature of volunteer work experience. This field shows up at the top of the individual volunteer experience.

Use this section to enter details that highlight your role or what work you did specifically. Some examples of roles include supporter, contributor, patron, sponsor, donor, subscriber, grantor, and more. 

Proceed to the Cause Dropdown List

The Cause dropdown list allows you to choose an applicable and relevant cause from the list. If nothing from the list represents your experience accurately, leave the section blank by selecting the top option, i.e., a minus sign indicating a blank field. 

Choose Dates in the Date Range Fields

Choose the month and year from the dropdown lists. LinkedIn does not feature an end date feature by default. If you are working as a volunteer at the moment, select the I Currently Volunteer Here tab. 

Enter Information in the Description Field

Write the relevant volunteer experience details in the Description field. Be sure to incorporate some context around your experiences. The easiest way to do that is by drawing information from the organization’s website.

Click the Save Button

Scroll down and hover over the Opportunities You Are Looking For tab. Proceed to click the pencil icon to enter editing mode. Click on the boxes that highlight the causes that you care about. 

Enter Details of Any Other Organization You Support

Add details of any other organization-related work in the Under Which Organization(s) Do You Support tab. Add the names of charitable organizations where you are not actively involved but supporting them. Click inside the text field and start typing. 

LinkedIn works in a way that matches organizations with those who may be operating on LinkedIn as well. Proceed to the dropdown list or add it to the free form if no match is available. If you are looking to add multiple experiences, press the Tab or Return keys.

To summarize:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Head to your profile
  • Click on the blue tab near the top of your profile that says “Add Profile Section”
  • Choose the “Volunteer Experience & Causes” section
  • Click on the “Add to Profile” button
  • Be sure to scan the dropdown menu for “Volunteer Experience.” Once you have found something, hit the “+” button
  • Fill in the form fields and hit “Save” when you are finished

That’s it! Your volunteer experience is now live on LinkedIn for your contacts to see.

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How to Rearrange Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

The common assumption is that changing the order of volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile is not easy. But the truth is that it is not as difficult as it might seem. Here’s exactly how you can reorder your volunteer experience on LinkedIn.

If you wish to make changes to any entries that you may have made to the volunteer experience section on your profile, here is how you can rearrange it. 

  • Step 1

Click on the Me icon on top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • Step 2

Click on View Profile.

  • Step 3

Scroll down to reach the Volunteer experience center. 

  • Step 4

To rearrange your volunteer experience, move your cursor over the position that you want to rearrange.

  • Step 5

Drag the Reorder icon to the position you desire.

How To Rearrange Volunteer Experience On LinkedIn

Another way to go about this process is by removing the experience you wish to bring to the top. Once removed, you can add it again to get it to the top. Make sure that the dates are also correct. If you are no longer working with an organization, set an end date. Remember that your most recent experiences would come at the top by default, so beware about the dates and whether or not you’re currently volunteering somewhere.

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How to Remove Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

If you wish to remove volunteer experience on LinkedIn, here is how you can do it:

  • Step 1

Click on the Me icon on top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • Step 2

Click on View Profile.

  • Step 3

Scroll down to reach the Volunteer experience center. 

  • Step 4

Click on the edit icon right next to the position you wish to remove. 

  • Step 5

A window will pop up; at the bottom, you will find a Delete Volunteer Experience button. Click on the said button, and you’re all set!

How To Remove Volunteer Experience On LinkedIn

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Adding volunteering experience to your LinkedIn profile is a good way to stand out among your competitors. Adding it to your profile will help potential employers know you better and consider you for the job. Volunteer work boosts your profile, especially if it is related to your profession or industry.  

The easiest way to optimize your LinkedIn profile is to use the Dripify LinkedIn Profile Makeover tool. The tool helps your profile stand out from 95% of other profiles and increases the views on your account, thereby increasing your chances of getting scrutinized for the job.

Adding volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile using the Dripify LinkedIn Makeover Tool can make your profile stand out among others. It can help you get twice the views and improve your professional reputation. Optimizing your profile using this tool can help you increase your conversion rates if you are running a business.

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If you are wondering how to add volunteer experience on LinkedIn if you have only worked for yourself, you can do so the same way you would for any organization. For example, if you have invested hours in your work voluntarily, you may include it in your profile. It helps to encompass that experience as part of an initiative.

You can add your volunteer experience in the Volunteer section of your LinkedIn profile. Scroll down, and you will find it under your Work Experience section. Follow the steps given above to successfully add your volunteer work experience to LinkedIn.

Think of your profile’s volunteer experience section as part of your resume. Here you can include any work that you may have done voluntarily (without pay). Having a volunteer experience section on your LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to stand out as a job candidate. It can even improve your standing in front of your leads. Volunteer work reflects your community-mindedness and enables you to enhance your professional skills.

Yes! Adding volunteer work to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to allow potential employers to gain a deeper insight into who you are as an individual. It also tells a lot about what matters to you and the causes you care about. It will help if you have volunteer experience that relates to your profession in one way or another. Furthermore, if you are just starting out in your career, including a volunteer section on LinkedIn can help fill out your LinkedIn profile and reward it with some brownie points.

To hide your volunteer experience on LinkedIn, simply tap on your profile picture. Click on the view profile tab and head to Settings. Next, click on the Visibility tab and proceed to Edit your public profile. Then, simply toggle your profile’s public visibility to off. This way, only you will be able to see your volunteer experience on LinkedIn.

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