Email Finder Credits: All You Need to Know

June 23, 2021

Email Finder Credits: All You Need to Know

You can find the email addresses of all your prospects on LinkedIn. As you may know, finding the email addresses of your 1st level LinkedIn connections is somewhat easy. 

But 2nd and 3rd level connections? Well, those have always been a little harder to find. But if you do find them, they can be a game-changer for your business. 

That’s because those emails give you the power to: 

  • Send connection requests by email and bypass the weekly limit on LinkedIn invitations 
  • Send email follow-ups to those who ignored your connection request 
  • Export a CSV file with email addresses and use it for your marketing purposes

So, how do you find those email addresses of 2nd and 3rd level LinkedIn connections? We at Dripify have a solution. And all you need to access that solution are email finder credits. 

What are email finder credits?

An email finder credit is your currency for using Dripify to find and verify a prospect’s email address.

Each Dripify plan, including the free 7-day trial, comes with 500 free email finder credits to use for 30 days. 

If you opt for the free trial, you’ll get to keep any unused credits for an additional 23 days. But unused credits won’t roll over to the next month. 

Not to worry though. Every month that you’re subscribed, you’ll receive a fresh batch of email finder credits to use whenever you’d like within 30 days. 

You can always monitor the number of email finder credits used, the number of emails found, and the reset date at the right side drop-down menu:

What does Dripify do in exchange for an email finder credit? 

In addition to those verified corporate email addresses, you can use your email finder credit to send LinkedIn connection requests by email. That way, you can get around LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit. 

Read this article to learn more.

When you create a campaign with the “invite by email” action, Dripify uses one email finder credit to locate and verify an email address of a prospect. When we find the prospect’s email, we can then send them your connection request. 

What if you use all your free email finder credits and need more? 

You’ve spent all your email finder credits this month? No problem at all. You can always upgrade your email finder plan from the “Billing” page of your control panel.

When you upgrade your account, your monthly credit allowance will be reset right away. 

If you know you’ll be sending connection requests all year, you can save up to 35% by getting an annual package. Just note that the credit limit will continue to reset every month. 


Email finder credits are your currency for finding verified corporate email addresses of any users on LinkedIn. And having access to those email addresses gives you a chance to supercharge your prospecting by going beyond the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn and sending up to 150 connection requests daily. 

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