20 Best Prospecting Tools for Business in 2022

20 Best Prospecting Tools for Business in 2022
Last updated: January 5, 2022
Reading time: 7 minutes

Are you looking for the best prospecting tool?

It’s understood that using prospecting tools for sales can vastly improve sales results and increase revenue. 

But, which so many to choose from, how do you know which is best? 

Here are the best tools to use in your business in 2022:

Prospecting Tools for Lead Capture 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best sales prospecting tools, allowing users to build and grow relationships with prospects more easily.  

With this tool, you can stay up-to-date at all times whilst focusing your time on connecting with the best prospects, even without their contact information. 

G2 ranking: 4.2/5 out of 1,103 reviews 

Pricing starts from: $79.99/month



Another prospecting sales tool that can be used alongside LinkedIn is Dripify. This tool can be used to automate many LinkedIn sales processes, including prospecting and lead generation. 

One of its key features is the ability to build customized drip campaigns by importing leads from LinkedIn and creating a sequence with different triggers and delays. 

Pricing starts from: $25/month



Finding it hard to acquire potential prospects this pandemic year…? What if there’s a snappy tool to do all your work with just a click… That’s what AeroLeads lets you do to grow your business gradually.

Allowing to gather your business beneficial lead’s information right from their contact number to their Email Id’s, AeroLeads lets you add prospects directly from LinkedIn making it easy for B2B prospecting tasks.
Integrate them with Salesforce, Mail chimp, Zoho CRM, and more platforms effortlessly with a curated .CSV file to work with.

G2 rankling: 4.2/5 out of 55 reviews

Pricing: AeroLeads has various business and enterprise plans ranging from $49 to $499 giving you the power to customize the pricing according to your prospecting needs.



If your business uses Instagram, Gramto can automate many activities and put your account on complete autopilot. 

This tool can manage various functions, including auto-comments and likes, direct messages, automatic follow and unfollow, and automated posting schedules. 

Pricing starts from: Free  



For SaaS businesses, G2.com is an awesome lead generation platform. G2 is the largest B2B tech marketplace, and it is a trusted review website. 

This means you can use it to publish your software, which can help you get more leads and interest in your business services. 

G2 Ranking: 4.6/5 out of 632 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Free 

Lead Nurturing

Active Campaign


This prospecting sales tool has superb features for creating and sending out custom email marketing sequences. The platform allows businesses to creat automated marketing campaigns on email, messaging, chat, text, and social media. 

It can be integrated with over 300 platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Eventbrite, Square, Salesforce, and Facebook. 

G2 Ranking: 4.6/5 out of 4,765 reviews 

Pricing starts from: $9/month



Pipedrive is a business to business prospecting tool that’s perfect for small businesses. It’s fantastic for managing leads and automating repetitive tasks.

This tool has lots of features including managing leads and deals from a custom chat bot and web forms, communication tracking, and insights and reporting to monitor performance.

G2 Ranking: 4.3/5 out of 1,270 reviews

Pricing starts from: $15/month



This is another awesome tool for lead nurturing. Engagebay uses high quality marketing automation to nurture your audience while building customer relationships. 

WIth Engagebay, you can automate lots of manual processes including email sequences. Also, it makes it easier to organize email contacts and track deals for better sales growth. 

G2 Ranking: 4.6/5 out of 68 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Free  



Close CRM is a multichannel platform that optimizes sales workflows. Among its prospecting tools for sales, tools is automatically tracked touchpoints on a visual timeline. 

In addition, it provides productivity tools like task reminders, as well as the ability to contact prospects and close email, text and call sales deals from your desktop. 

G2 Ranking: 4.3/5 out of 92 reviews

Pricing starts from: $35/month



Lusha is a lead management tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It works very well for small to medium B2B businesses, and is simple to use and highly effective. 

This tool is great for building and nurturing your database, and for increasing conversions using a variety of features like automated saving of data onto your CRM and data-enriched forms.

G2 Ranking: 4.3/5 out of 1,009 reviews 

Pricing starts from: $39/month

Sales Acceleration



If you want to increase revenue, Gong is an intelligence platform that provides real-time updates on sales conversions and how customers are reacting to changes. It also gives insights into how to adapt your sales strategies to improve sales. 

This allows businesses to gain a better understanding into customer behavior and make decisions based on up-to-date, accurate data/ 

G2 Ranking: 4.7/5 out of 2,223 reviews

Pricing starts from: Custom pricing plans 



The next tool on our list for accelerating sales is Chorus. This platform is ideal for helping sales teams improve performance and sales figures.

It uses AI-based to track sales cycles and provide insights, as well as automating note-taking, CRM population, and more. This platform is used by large companies like Zoom and Abobe, but it also works well for small businesses. 

G2 Ranking: 4.5/5 out of 2,029 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Custom pricing plans 



If you are trying to scale your business, CallTrackingMetrics provides automation tools to boost productivity and understand which campaigns are driving sales in your business. 

It offers conversion tracking, which allows you to identify trends in conversions, as well as automated, customized actions based on your customers’ responses. 

G2 Ranking: 4.5/5 out of 504 reviews

Pricing starts from: $39/month

Dialog Tech

Dialog tech is a really helpful tool for small businesses. It provides AI conversation intelligence, and it has reliable features that provide accurate, actionable  analytics about inbound communication from customers. 

This information can be used to provide customized customer experiences over the phone and online and can be used to boost marketing efforts and increase sales conversions. 

G2 Ranking: 4.3/5 out of 336 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Free 



SalesLoft is amazing sales engagement platforms that helps you deliver the best customer experience throughout the customer lifestyle, boosting revenue. 

This tools lets you build a custom pipeline, manage deals more easily, create more opportunities to close deals, and connect and engage more easily with customers,

G2 Ranking: 4.4/5 out of 1,902 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Custom pricing 

Other Business Prospecting Tools  



DocSend is a handy tool that helps business share documents. Being able to share content quickly and securely means you can grow your business more easily. 

The incredibly powerful link-based sharing system lets you set unique security preferences for each user. You also receive instant notifications when a file is viewed. Plus, you can analyze all your content and overall performance. 

G2 Ranking: 4.7/5 out of 193 reviews 

Pricing starts from: $10/month



Grammarly is the world’s most popular writing checker. If you’re sending out business communication, this tool will check for spelling and grammar mistakes, give advice on tone and word choice, and help you make sentences clearer. 

It can be used for simple emails and messages, and it can also be used if you’re writing longer pieces. This is available as a free version, or paid, which is a popular choice for businesses. 

G2 Ranking: 4.6/5 out of 887 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Free



If your business needs visual content, such as social media posts, presentations, posters, Canva can help you produce high-quality, professional designs extremely easily. 

The simple drag-and-drop interface includes different fonts, photography, videos, audio content, and illustrations to create content that stands out. 

G2 Ranking: 4.7/5 out of 2,633 reviews 

Pricing starts from: Free



Calendy is an awesome tool that automatically schedules meetings and emails, saving you time and ensuring your schedule is always in order. 

You can set your own preferences, including buffer time between meetings. This tool can be integrated with your Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud calendar.  

Pricing starts from: Free 



GoToMeeting is a leading tool that helps businesses manage virtual communication with customers and collaboration between team members. 

Some of its features include presentation sharing, one-click meetings, face-to-face meetings and webinars, and more. The service is fast, reliable and easy-to-use and boosts productivity and effectiveness. 

G2 Ranking: 4.2/5 out of 11,274 reviews 

Pricing starts from: $12/month

Dripify – LinkedIn automation tool

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